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Public Sector Management – master programe in English

Explore de world of theory and practice of the public sector.                             
Get relevant knowledge on what managing public organizations means and how you can acquire a top public manager position.
Gain a strong inter-disciplinary theoretical foundation in e-governance, European resources, quality management, project management, public marketing and non-profit organizations.
Acquire the skills that will enable you to effectively and efficiently develop and implement strategic planning for the public sector.

Benefit from classes in English and improve your communicative competence in a foreign language, with focus on the public sector terminology.

First year (60 ECTS)

Administrative Law of Goods; Bases of Public Sector; Management of non-profit organizations; Strategies for e-government; Communication in the public sector; European Resources for Financing Public Sector, Organization and Human Resources Management;Principles and tactics of negotiation; Public Marketing; Strategic Marketing; Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods of the Public Sector

Second year (60 ECTS)

Accounting and Audit of Public Institutions; Comparative Analysis in the Public Sector; Internship; Public Policy Analysis for Managers; Quality Management in the Public Sector; Practice of Public Procurement; Good practices of Public Sector Development: Public-Private Partnership, Consultancy, Design and Evaluation of Programs for the Public Sector; Economic Analysis of Public Decisions; Project Management for Public Sector Investments; Public Finance Management; Research project


Rezultate examen admitere iulie 2017
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Workshop Colaborativ - Direcții de cercetare de excelență și accesul femeilor la programe, Proiect EXCELENTFEM