5th Edition of the Global Economy & Governance International Conference

On October 23rd- 24th, 2017, University of Finance and Management in Warsaw, Vistula University, Warsaw University of Life Science - SGGW hosted the 5th Edition of the Global Economy & Governance International Conference organized by National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania, Romanian Academy Institute for Economic Forecasting, Romania, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan, Ocean University of China, China. The purpose of the conference is to establish a forum to access the latest theoretical and empirical knowledge in economic and governing science.

This year the conference gather a number of over 150 participants from China, Taiwan, US, The Netherland, Spain, Lithuania, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Namibia,Romania and Poland covering topics from Economic Growth and Development; Urban, Rural and Regional Economics; Applied Business and Economics; Economic Modelling and Forecasting; Environment and Social Responsibility; Governance in Democratic and Responsible Society; Building Human Capital; Global Trade; International Investments; Governance and Transparency in  Private and Public Sector; Entrepreneurship; Business Management; Financial Accounting and Reporting. 

We had the honor to benefit of the distinguish key-note speakers Professor Geert Hofstede (Maastricht University),   Professor Steven Rosefielde (University of Noth Carolina), Professor WojciechCharemza (Vistula University), Professor Chien-Fu Jeff Lin (National Taiwan University, Professor Zenon Turskis (Gediminas Technical University), Professor Salvador de Roig (University of Valencia), Professor Chen-Min Hsu (CTBC Financial Management College) and Professor RaduLupu (Bucharest University of Economic Studies), Dean Sinkovic (Juraj Dobrila University of Pula).

Many thanks to the Honorary Chairs Professor Tsang-Yao Chang (Feng Chia University), Professor Adriana Grigorescu (NUPSPA), Professor Chi-Wei Su (Ocean University of China) also present at the event and all the gratitude for Professor WlodzimierzRembisz, Conference President, Professor Marian Binek, Vice-Rector SGGV, and Chairs Marcin Staniewski, JaroslawGolebiewski, Justyna Franc-Dabrowska.

We are thanking to all participants for their remarkable contribution to the ideas debates and knowledge transfer in this world laboratory and we are looking for your participation at the 6th edition of GEG International Conference in China.