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Fourth Series
19.02.2018- 09.03.2018 (Monday to Friday)
Course duration (estimated period): 23.03.2018- 01.07.2018
Certification exam:13.07.2018

Third Series 
15 07.2017-28.07.2017 (Monday to Friday)
11.09.2017 -29.09. 2017 (Monday to Friday)
Course duration (estimated period): 13.10.2017 - 28.02.2018

Second Series
25.02.2017- 17.03.2017 (Monday to Friday)
Course duration (estimated period): 17.03.2017- 09.07.2017
Certification exam:15.07.2018


First Series 
Course duration (estimated period): 25.11.2016- 24.03.2017
Number of participants: 35 (provenience: public sector, private sector, NGOs)


Secretariat office hours:
Monday to Thursday: 9.00-17.00
Friday: 9.00-14.00
Room: 604 

Prior to physically applying to this programme, we recommend that candidates enrol by telephone using the number provided in the „Contact” section. 


Papers necessary for applying:

application form (available here);

bachelor’s degree or equivalent (certified copy);

birth certificate (certified copy);

marriage certificate, in the case of candidates that changed their names after marriage (certified copy);

identity card copy;

medical certificate attesting the candidate is apt for enrolment in the programme;

receipt attesting the payment of the first instalment of the tuition (1000 lei).

Payment will be made to the following account: CONT SNSPA - Facultatea de Administrație Publică: RO 38 BRDE 445 SV 19964904450.