European Administration



The Faculty of Public Administration was the first one to introduce an European Administration undergraduate programme in Romania, in 2003, and starting in 2008, it is the only such programme offered by a Romanian institution that is recognized at the European level (through accreditation by EAPAA).


For us, the competitiveness of our graduates on the job market represents a continuous pursuit. Studying at The Faculty of Public Administration will help our students:

  • become LEADERS and understand the mission of different organizations, public interest and ethics, while also gaining conflict resolution skills and learning to value diversity and multiculturalism
  • be efficient MANAGERS, by learning to analyze organizational structures and processes, budgets and judicial norms
  • value TEAMWORK and understand the need to be responsible
  • INNOVATE, by familiarizing themselves with theories concerning the management of change, organizational experiment design and risk management
  • learn how to RESEARCH, in order to make managerial projections, to analyze public opinion and elaborate public policy projects
  • better COMMUNICATE, in order to understand and express the needs of the communities they represent

Faculty of Public Administration graduates can work in the following fields: public, national, and European institutions and authorities (state departments, ministries, city halls, prefectures, the national parliament, European Union institutions), national and multinational organizations, non-governmental or non-profit organizations, schools, high schools, universities, adult education centers, etc.


Duration: 3 years (6 semesters, 180 ECTS)

Type of education: full-time

Language: Romanian


First year classes (60 ECTS):

First-semester classes: The constitutional basis of public administration; Economy; Civil Law Outlines ; Information Technology Outlines; English/French; Political and Administrative Systems; Public Administration and the State in Modern Society; Physical Education.

Second-semester classes: Administrative Law I; European Institutional Law; E-administration; Public Administration Fundamental Civil Law Institutions; English/French; The Logic of Administrative Act; Internship; Physical Education; The History of Public Administration.

Second year classes (60 ECTS)

First-semester classes: Public Finance and Budget Administration; Sociology – Fundamental Concepts; Administrative Law II; Financial and Fiscal Law; Labor and Social Security Law; Public Management; Administrative Science Research Methodology.

Second-semester classes: European Governance; European Administrative Law; European Economy; European Justice; Internship; European Administrative Space; Comparative Studies concerning public office in the European Union.

Third-year classes (60 ECTS):

First-semester classes: European Social Space; European Union Decision-making; Economy of Public Affairs; European Public Policy; Budgetary and Fiscal Policy in the European Union; Regional Development and Structural Funding; Intra-Community Communication;

Second-semester classes: European Integration Theories; International Law; Audit and Financial Control in the European Union; European Identity; Juridical Protection of Human Rights; European Project Management; Methods and Guidelines for Dissertation Elaboration.

For more information, please consult our e-campus (apcampus) and the following documents: