The ECDL @ SNSPA Center is an ECDL Accredited Testing Center

The first Romanian accredited ECDL center 


What certifications can be obtained from ECDL@SNSPA?

The accredited ECDL testing center ECDL@SNSPA provides the opportunity to obtain all the ECDL Romania portfolio certifications. More precisely, you can obtain start, intermediary, advanced and endorsed knowledge certifications. For more details, please consult the scheme presented below.

Do I absolutely have to enroll in preparatory courses in order to obtain an ECDL certificate?

No, attending classes is not mandatory in order to obtain the ECDL certificates. However, if you wish to attend preparatory classes, at ECDL@SNSPA, we do organize them. For more details, please contact us at

How much do the examinations cost?

Firstly, in order to be able to take and exam and obtain an ECDL certificate, you will need a life-long Unique Registration Series. Currently, the price set for it by ECDL Romania is 162 lei.

Examinations related to certain modules vary in cost, depending on the statute of the person taking the exam (student, non-student, pensioner, unemployed person). Furthermore, fees are significantly reduced for current NUPSPA students.

For more details, please contact us at

Are there any benefits for students?

Yes. Firstly, students benefit from a single general registration fee at a reduced price of 132 lei. Moreover, SNSPA students have personalized rates for examinations, courses and simulations.

Secondly, for SNSPA students, the ECDL @ SNSPA Center offers custom profiles for present and future work: ECDL Young Researcher Profile, ECDL Communication & PR Profile, ECDL Public Administration Specialist Profile; ECDL Project Management Profile (ECDL NGO Profile); ECDL Political Science Specialist Profile.

For more details please write to us at

When do the examinations take place?

ECDL @ SNSPA sessions are scheduled together with course or examination participants.

How can I contact you for more information?

You can contact us by e-mail at


The European Computer Driving License (ECDL) is the most widely recognized international standard for IT-skill certification.

The ECDL license is used and recognized in 150 countries by reputable companies, public administrations or prestigious educational institutions. Outside Europe, the program is called The International Computer Driving License (ICDL).

Available ECDL Modules (ECDL Module Descriptions)

ECDL validity

The ECDL license obtained in Romania is valid in any of the 150 countries around the world where the ECDL / ICDL standard is recognized.

The ECDL license has no expiration date, digital competences being certified for life, according to the analytical programs related to each module, in force at the time of the examination.

Whom are ECDL certifications addressed to?

ECDL certifications are addressed to any person who needs and desires to certify their computer skills with an internationally recognized standard. There is no age limit for enrolling in the ECDL Certification Program. Young people, students, civil servants or company employees can prove their IT skills through the ECDL certifications.

ECDL Advantages

• A CV is 100% complete with ECDL

• ECDL opens new opportunities to get a better job, improves career prospects, and lowers the probability of losing a job offer.

• ECDL offers new opportunities to get a scholarship abroad.

• Students can equivalate various computer or office courses with the ECDL License at certain universities. In Romania, universities such as: SNSPA București, ASE Bucureşti – CDIMM, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, "Gheorghe Asachi" University of Iași, "Vasile Goldiş" University of Arad, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iași, University of Bucharest CREDIS Distance Learning Department, have been accredited as ECDL testing centers.

• Secondary education teachers who hold the ECDL Permit can benefit from transferable professional credits.