Center for Distance Learning and Part-time Learning (ID-IFR)


Center for Distance Learning and Part-time Learning (ID-IFR)

The center’s objectives and mission are in line with the ones in the field of national and European level administrative sciences, namely: to provide all students with a quality academic experience and to support them in developing problem-solving skills in ever-changing social, political, economic and technological environments.

The ID-IFR Center aims to prepare future graduates to:

  • possess fundamental and specialized knowledge in the field of public administration and use them in correct and concrete evaluations of different organizational situations, processes and behaviors;
  • integrate the information accumulated through tutoring and seminar activities, as well as apply public system organizing and functioning principles in order to identify optimal solutions to the problems encountered;
  • use methodological tools, analytical techniques and critical thinking to write projects, develop position papers, and evaluate public policies;
  • develop their teamwork and conflict management or crisis management capabilities;
  • possess verbal and written communication skills, in at least one European language, in order to compete in the organizational environment;
  • effectively manage working teams and respect the ethical and deontological code of the position held;
  • be socially responsible and understand the impact that public entities have on the organization and development of communities.

The Center provides access to specific support services for students enrolled in the Bachelor's Degree Program (e-Bachelor) or Master’s Degree Programs (e-Master) such as: enrolment assistance, financial facilities, educational assistance, learning resources, access to communication means and professional counselling, adequate tutorial support, correct examination and possibility to check the recordings of the results obtained, as well as an adequate system for resolving ID-IFR students notifications and requests.

For those interested, the ID-IFR Center provides online educational support through its own tutoring system. Tutors are teachers who guide students during a training program. Student guidance is done individually and in groups, through direct meetings and through the virtual campus (e-Campus), aiming at directing individual study and periodically evaluating the academic path taken. Thus, for each discipline in the curriculum, we have online support and bibliographic material available, online or in hard copies. In order to facilitate the student access to the university services, the student's Guide to e-License and e-Master is elaborated annually, and the teaching activities are scheduled according to the semester’s calendar of activities.

The organizational structure of the ID-IFR Center:

  • ID-IFR Center director (Deputy dean);
  • Counselling and Teaching Assistance Department;
  • IT department;
  • Secretariat and school management department;
  • Administrative department (comprising the financial officer and the faculty administrator).

Programmes at ID-IFR Center

Bachelor's studies:

Specialization: Public Administration

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters, 180 ECTS)

Type of learning: distance learning (ID or e-Licență)

Language: Romanian

Master’s studies:

Field: Administrative sciences


Public sector management

Executive power and public administration

European administrative studies

European public space

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters, 120 ECTS)

Type of learning: part-time (IFR or e-Masterat)

Language: Romanian