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Duration: 3 months (154 hours)

ECTS: 23 credits

Type of education: full-time


  • Corporative governance. Practical insights for the public sector;
  • Risk management and internal managerial control;
  • Internal audit standards, procedures and techniques;
  • Audit and European project financial evaluation;
  • Performance management;
  • Organizational strategic management;
  • Administrative accounting and public finance administration;
  • Digital governance and information security;
  • Public governance, rule of law and administrative conformity.

The purpose of this programme is to assist in the development of professional knowledge and expertise through an interdisciplinary approach, as well as offering participants access to the practical and methodological assistance necessary for the current activities they perform for private or public entities.

Other than fulfilling social and economic needs, public institutions are also subject to the demands and constraints imposed by laws, which operate in a stricter manner compared to the private sector. Therefore, detailed knowledge and understanding of the extra- and intra-institutional relationships, as well as all other aspects of practical reasoning related to these institutions is of great use and importance.

Starting from the regulations in effect in the field of audit and governance, the recommendations formulated according to international audit standards and the demands of the Ministry of Public Finance, the programme contributes to the life-long training and development of internal audit and governance experts. It should be mentioned that both the internal audit activity and the public-sector governance system are regulated at the national level through:

Ø Law 672/2002 concerning public internal audit, with the changes brought about by GR 1086/2013 General methodological norms for the exercise of public internal audit activities;

Ø Emergency ordinance 109/2011 concerning the corporate governance of public enterprises, with susequent changes;

Ø Decree SGG 400/2015 concerning the endorsement of Public entity internal managerial control code.