Dean's message




Esteemed associates,

Dear future students,

I hope the following paragraphs will convince you that the NUPSPA Faculty of Public Administration is the best choice to make if you want to study European administration and governance. We have twenty years’ worth of reasons that should sway your decision in our favour: renowned professors, European programmes, partnerships with public and private employers, to name a few.  

The Faculty of Public Administration is very proud of its nationally and internationally esteemed professors, which, apart from their intensive research activity, were and continue to be part of governmental structures or European organizations relevant in the field. Our programmes are nationally accredited (ARACIS) and we are, currently, the only Romanian faculty that can pride itself on an Europeanly accredited bachelor’s programme (by The European Association for Public Administration Accreditation - EAPAA, Holland)

We are part of a large network of institutional partnerships, both with public organizations and with private and non-governmental actors, we recognize the diversity of today’s workforce market and we take pride in the achievements of our graduates, which are now employed in Romanian administrative systems, but also in foreign and international ones. Our students learn to wisely combine vocation with pragmatic outlook in the current global competitive society.

A professional, efficient, trustworthy team

We are characterised by the same features we look for in our government: efficiency, professional training, a motivation to succeed and a continual thirst for knowledge and skill. I wholeheartedly believe in my team and in our commitment to improving upon the experience of past generations, which seeks to not only provide administrative knowledge, but also good governance skills.

I look forward to convincing you that, as a faculty, we are dedicated to our community, we put heart in what we do and that following our programmes will put you on an honourable path. I wish you will become part of our team and accept the challenge of identifying the best governance practices and spreading them.


Kind regards,

Diana - Camelia Iancu