European Governing and Law



  • Thorough knowledge regarding governance and the correct use of specific language in juridical communication about the public space.
  • The capacity to analyze and synthesize the processes and mechanisms specific to the organization and functioning of the European public authorities.
  • The qualification to solve juridical problems associated with European governance and public interest protection.
  • The capacity to recommend optimal solutions to the relevant decision factors in the process of local and central governance
  • The capacity to offer detailed consultancy and structured and documented assistance
  • The capacity to assure the promotion and compliance with the internal and international rules and regulations of the European Union, as well as with best practice standards in the human rights field.

Enroll in the first programme offered by the NUPSPA Faculty of Public Administration in the field of Law!

The Law and European Government master’s programme, accredited by The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) in 2014, is addressed not only to law school graduates, but also to graduates form other fields such as administrative science, political science, sociology, economy, etc.

The programme offers a degree in the juridical field of public affairs and governance. The training centers on disciplines concerning public, internal and comparative law, while offering complementary knowledge of economy and management. Through the qualification, aptitudes and abilities offered, our graduates will be able to seek employment in local or national public administration, public authorities and institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations.

The degree permits the completion of specialized preparation necessary for persons that activate in the sphere of executive power, as well as in the sphere of law, diplomacy, political organizations, etc., and the extension of qualifications from the executive and legislative sphere, that require significant juridical training.

This master’s programme assures a rank 7 qualification, in line with Government Ruling no. 918/2013.


For us, the competitiveness of our graduates on the job market represents a continuous pursuit.

Studying at The Faculty of Public Administration will help our students:

• thoroughly improve their juridical knowledge regarding governance and the usage of specific language necessary for juridical communication in the public space; 

• develop the capacity to analyze and synthesize the processes and phenomena specific to the organization and functioning of the public authorities;

• develop the capacity to solve juridical problems specific to the areas of European governance and public interest protection;

• recommend to the relevant decision factors optimal solutions in the process of local and central government;

• respect and promote national and European legislation, as well as best practice standards regarding the enforcement of human rights.

Faculty of Public Administration graduates can work in the following fields: public, national, and European institutions and authorities (state departments, ministries, city halls, prefectures, the national parliament, European Union institutions), national and multinational organizations, non-governmental or non-profit organizations, schools, high schools, universities, adult education centers, etc. The Law and European Governance programme offers training specific to occupations from the COR 1st major category – offices that require and imply the exercise of public power – positions that demand administrative science knowledge, as well as juridical competences regarding the state and its mechanisms.


Duration: 2 years (4 semesters, 120 ECTS)

Type of education: full-time

Language: Romanian


First year classes (60 ECTS):

First-semester classes: General Public Law; Administrative Law; Parliamentary Law; Comparative Administrative Systems.

Second-semester classes: European Institutions; Constitutional Litigation; Financial and Domain Administration; Uncontentious Administrative Procedure.

Second-year classes (60 ECTS)

First-semester classes: European Governance; Legislative Techniques and Regulation Quality Standards; Liability of Public Office; European Human Rights Jurisdiction.

Second-semester classes: Budgetary and Fiscal Policy in the European Union; European Administrative Procedural Law; European Governance Systems; International Jurisdictions.