Doctoral Studies

The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (NUPSPA) started providing graduates with the opportunity to pursue a doctoral education in the field of administrative science in 2001 in accordance with Ministerial Decree no. 4816/23.10.2001.

NUPSPA was the first institution to organize a doctoral school in administrative science, with professors Lucica Matei, Irina Moroianu Zlatescu and Constantin M. Drăgan being the first PhD supervisors in the field. Subsequently, professors Ani Matei and Emil Bălan joined them in overseeing doctoral research.

Presently, the administrative science doctoral school is supervised by:

  • Professor Emil Bălan;

  • Professor Ani Matei;

  • Professor Irina Moroianu Zlătescu.

The areas of interest for scientific research in the doctoral school are the following:


  • Social innovation and its impact on public sector development

  • Specialization and coordination in the public sector in the context of collaborative governance. The role of market and network mechanisms

  • Adaptive management in light of the growth of administrative complexity. Strategies and models in public administration systems.

  • Modeling and optimizing administrative structures and decisions.


  • The administrative capacity of public organizations (elements; standards; development opportunities);

  • European administrative procedure (principles, elements, best practices);

  • Good governance and fiscal-budgetary policy;

  • Public power and liability (public dignities and offices; juridical action; public responsibility)


  • Juridical administration and human rights;

  • Citizens’ open access to public office in European states

  • Administrative means of protection for information and personal data;

  • The promotion and protection of human rights through legal means;

  • Multiple discrimination;

  • Immigration and immigrant integration;

For more information, please consult the official NUPSPA page concerning doctoral studies (link).


Necessary documents:

Enrollment application;

Enrollment form, filled in with all the required information in capital letters;

Curriculum vitae and a list of published papers (including the ones presented in public) and excerpts from relevant publications in the field of the doctoral research;

The research project proposed by the candidate for the doctoral research, in compliance with Annex 2 of the Admission regulations and NUPSPA priority research subjects;

Certified copy of birth certificate;

Certified (translated and certified, as the case may be) copy of baccalaureate diploma or equivalent;

Certified (translated and certified, as the case may be) copy of bachelor’s diploma or equivalent, with corresponding annexes (also authenticated);

Certified (translated and authenticated, as the case may be) copy of any graduate or postgraduate studies diploma (master’s, PhD, etc.);

Certified copy of marriage certificate or any other name-changing document (as the case may be)

Receipt attesting the payment of the enrollment fee (The payment of 300 lei will be deposited in the following account: RO 66BRDE445SV27447894450 SNSPA SCOALA DOCTORALA)


Doctoral courses – 2 semesters:

  • Advanced studies in administrative law - Professor Emil Bălan

  • Public management evolution processes - Professor Ani Matei

  • Research methods in the European administrative space (optional course, Jean Monet department) Professor Ani Matei

  • Fundamental human rights and liberties - Professor Irina Moroianu Zlătescu

  • European institutional and material law - Professor Irina Moroianu Zlătescu

Scientific research – 4 semesters.


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