Management of Public Affairs



  • Knowledge improvement in the field of planning, organization and coordination of the activities in the public sector and the use of specific language in communicating with other elements of the global social environment.
  • The study of public affairs and public decisional processes.
  • The capacity to analyze and synthesize the processes and phenomena specific to public affairs
  • The possibility to approach and clarify relevant integrity problems and situations pertaining to public and private organization activity.
  • The capacity to make transversal connections and identify complex relationships between events and specific data
  • Modern and innovative of the decision-making capacities given by working with statistical methods and principles.
  • The capacity to act independently and creatively in approaching and solving problems, to objectively and constructively assess critical states, to solve problems in a creative manner, and to communicate results in a demonstrative way.
  • The creative use of complex assessment methods and techniques in the management and evaluation process.
  • The capacity to lead and to also work in a team applying mixed techniques of public affairs evaluation
  • The drawing up of complex research projects through the development of investment-project manager abilities and project team-work skills.


Duration: 2 years (4 semesters, 120 ECTS)

Type of education: full-time

Language: Romanian


First year classes (60 ECTS):

First semester: Law and Public Affairs; Governance and Public Management; e-Government and Business; Modern Analysis Instruments for Public Policy; The Management of European Funds; Public Affairs Marketing Strategies.

Second semester: Public Diplomacy and Protocol; Business Ethics; Management of non-profit organizations; Management of Public Acquisition; Negotiation Principles and Tactics; Economic Theory and Policy.

Second Year classes (60 ECTS)

First semester: Audit and Risk-Management; Public Affairs Applied Economics; Corruption Economy; Public Sector Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Lobby and Advocacy; Statistic Analysis Methods and Principles.

Second semester: Public Affairs Applied Research; Performance Management in Public Affairs; Methods and techniques for Dissertation Elaboration; Internship; Comparative Public Policy.