8th Annual International Conference on Law and Administrative Justice from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

8th Annual International Conference on

Law and Administrative Justice from an

Interdisciplinary Perspective



Organized by:  

National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Faculty of Public Administration, Department of Law “Victor Dan Zlătescu”, Bucharest, Romania in partnership with International Association on Public and Non Profit Marketing, Spain, and with the support of: The Romanian Association for the United Nations member of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations; The Union of Jurists of Romania, Bucharest, Romania; Romanian Academy of Juridical Science, Bucharest, Romania; and Association Centre of Academic Excellence, Bucharest, Romania.


Start Date: 25th of November 2021

End Date: 27th of November 2021

Conference venue: SNSPA WEBEX (online), Bucharest, Romania

Language of the conferenceEnglish

Registration form for 2021 Conference (link)

Conference programme (link)


The topics covered by the conference are:


  1. The Administrative Capacity of the Judicial System;
  2. Human Rights in the New Era;
  3. Citizenship and Immigration in Europe;
  4. New Tendencies in Public Administration Development;
  5. Climate Change: Global Challenges, Local Actions;
  6. Peaceful Settlement of Conflicts and Management.


A workshop for students is scheduled to take place on the 25th of November.


Financial assistance: The organisers do not provide any sponsorship or financial assistance.


No registration fee for 2021 Conference.


Application Procedure:

1.      Please submit a paper proposal:

  • TITLE of the paper in TNR 12 point bold with capital letters on the right;
  • Author’s name in TNR 12 point, on the right, double-space under the title. The symbol * has to be written next to the family name as a footnote and this has to include information or workplace (for each author separately, if it is the case).
  • Content/body text (not exceeding 200 words) in one paragraph only in TNR 11 point, italics, justify, 2 lines under the author’s name. Objectives of papers, methodology, main results and principal conclusions should be clearly stated.
  • Keywords, 4-6 words that comprise the essence of the article have to be mentioned. They should be listed according to their importance, in English, at 2 lines under the abstract, with Times New Roman 11, italics, justify. 
  • Each author has to mention, after the keywords, the paper’s code according to JEL classification (namely the category/ code K for law and economics literature). Please consult JEL Classification to identify the article’s category. 
  • No abbreviations and references.

2.      Please also provide any information about the presentation given and any other relevant information about your research.

3.      In addition to paper proposals, proposals for panels will also be considered. A panel should address a topical issue related to the theme and consists of 5 speakers, if possible, from different institutions.

4.      For publication the full paper should be written in English using Microsoft Word. The text of the article should be according to the paper template.




We would like to share and discuss our findings with academics and practitioners from Romania, Spain and other countries that have the same concerns. Analytical papers capable of offering examples of best practices within the announced fields of interest are highly important. Practitioners’ submissions are not supposed to be research papers but rather short case studies on good or bad practices.

The papers presented within the conference will be published in the International Law Review. The review is included in the international databases: SSRN, EBSCO, ProQuest and VLEX.

Papers submitted after the deadline cannot be published.


Submission procedure:

For participation please submit your

  • Registration form and paper proposal until 12th of November, 2021;
  • Final paper until 17th of December, 2021.

Submit your paper to: law.justice.conference@gmail.com

For registration as participant: please send the Registration form (from the conference’s webpage).


Scientific Committee Members.