Our Mission


Professionalism, Innovation and Talent are the key-words that define The Faculty of Public Administration. We take pride in our expertise and competitiveness, spanning back two decades of academic research into the science of governing. Thousands of graduates dedicated to serving the public interest stand testimony to our reliability. We approach the act of teaching as a team and we believe in unveiling the potential of every member of our community!

The Faculty of Public Administration seeks to develop the skills necessary for managing the act of government in an intelligent and sustainable manner. Our educational programs address everyone that wishes to work, or already does work, in national, local or European public institutions, authorities or agencies. We also offer educational opportunities for persons interested in the private sector and its interactions with public institutions.


The Faculty of Public Administration started its activity in 1995, with a full-time bachelor’s programme in administrative science. Five years later, in October 2000, we extended our educational offer, adding full time master’s degrees, as well as part-time options for learning at a distance (which are, for the most part, based on e-learning and similar resources). Starting in the year 2001, we are the only Romanian faculty that provides students with the opportunity to further their studies in the administrative sciences at the doctoral level, under the guidance of the dedicated professors that activate in our doctoral school. Also, since 2003, we can prepare our students for positions in the European administration and, starting with the year 2008, we joined the community of public administration programmes that are accredited by the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation (EAPAA, Holland).


The Faculty of Public Administration 

Today, the Faculty of Public Administration offers complete university training programmes, comprising bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at the highest level, providing full-time (FT), distance (ID), or part-time (PT) learning accredited at national (ARACIS) and European level (EAPAA):

  • bachelor’s degrees can be pursued in the following fields: “Public Administration” (FT and ID) and “European Administration” (FT)

  • master’s degrees can be pursued in the following fields: “Public Sector Management” (Romanian language, FT and ID), “Public Sector Management” (English language, FT), “Executive Power and Public Administration” (Romanian language, FT and PT), “European Public Space” (Romanian language, FT and PT), “European Administrative Studies” (Romanian language, FT and PT)

  • doctoral degrees can be pursued in field of administrative sciences


For us, the competitiveness of our graduates on the job market represents a continuous preoccupation. For this reason, the programmes offered by our faculty seek to encourage the development of transversal cognitive and professional competencies, which will ensure that our students will have access to the careers of their choosing. Studying at The Faculty of Public Administration will help our students:

  • become LEADERS and understand the mission of different organizations, public interest and ethics, while also gaining conflict resolution skills and learning to value diversity and multiculturalism

  • be efficient MANAGERS, by learning to analyze organizational structures and processes, budgets and judicial norms

  • value TEAMWORK and understand the need to be responsible

  • INNOVATE, by familiarizing themselves with theories concerning the management of change, organizational experiment design and risk management

  • learn how to RESEARCH, in order to make managerial projections, to analyze public opinion and elaborate public policy projects

  • better COMMUNICATE, in order to understand and express the needs of the communities they represent

We prepare our students for the following positions: experts, public managers, public servants, advisors, consultants (European projects, public acquisitions), research specialists, teachers.

Faculty of Public Administration graduates can work in the following fields: public, national, and European institutions and authorities (state departments, ministries, city halls, prefectures, the national parliament, European Union institutions), national and multinational organizations, non-governmental or non-profit organizations, schools, high schools, universities, adult education centers, etc.