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Ayça Atabey

Ayça Atabey holds an LLB degree from Durham University and an LLM degree from Bilgi University, Information and Technology Law Programme. She is currently working as a researcher at the Institute of Technology and Law at Bilgi University (Turkey) and is a PhD candidate at Edinburgh University (Scotland). Her research mainly focuses on the challenges of personal data collection in mobile operating systems, content management and online child protection, net neutrality, safeguarding vulnerable people’s rights and freedoms in the context of the impact behavioral technologies, as well as issues surrounding data economy and business models in the age of surveillance capitalism. She has a particular interest in emerging technologies (cloud computing, AI, machine learning, big data and IoT) and their intersection with fundamental rights.

Ergisa Bejkollari

Ergisa is a Msc. Graduate in Business Administration at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy. She often finds herself between being a cynic and an idealist, between public policy advocacy and corporate work. Ergisa was selected for the Vodafone’s Discover Graduates Programme in February 2019, and has since been working as a Corporate Affairs graduate. This was Ergisa’s first serious introduction to Internet governance, digital Policy and ethics. Ergisa’s most proud moment is being granted a scholarship by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Albania. Ergisa’s second most proud moment is resisting her father’s attempts to persuade her (since 16 years old) to be politically active. She has been working as a journalist, project manager, and independent researcher (for one year now, Transitional Justice, OSCE programme). She enjoys starting German language courses and not finishing them. She is also very good at acting like she has already figured out life.

Florina-Adina Ciuchiță

Florina is a tech enthusiast, belonging to the generation Z and working as a Corporate PR. She has a bachelor degree in PR and Communication and a Master in Business Services with a dissertation on the subdomain of artificial intelligence. Complementary to her academic development is herr experience, which involves an eight months traineeship at the European Parliament- the Liaison Office in Romania that covers the entire European election campaign, Moreover, before starting the traineeship, she has worked at Golin- PR Agency as a Digital Associate, a role that implied digital communication, online special projects and various digital tools.

Emir Fazlović

After completing his undergraduate law degree, Emir is currently finishing his master's in Political Science at the University of Vienna. He possesses practical knowledge in organisational development and project planning. He has five years of experience within NGOs in CEE, where he applied strong leadership and analytical skills to inform young professionals of key trends and transform local communities by empowering youth potential. Emir is a big startup and innovation enthusiast. Over the past four years he has been working as a project manager at a tech startup and as a consultant for several companies and the UN.

Su Sonia Herring

Sonia has been coordinating the Youth IGF Turkey since 2016, is an outgoing SEEDIG Executive Committee member, DiploFoundation editor, and advisor to various youth Internet governance initiatives around the globe. She is also a show host, translator, and digital rights activist. In her free time, she loves singing, daydreaming of Italy, and complaining about the state of the world.

Elliott Mann

Elliott is an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Computer Science at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. He is interested in the areas of privacy and data protection, particularly in developing and emerging economies. Elliott has been continually involved in Internet governance since attending ICANN64 as a NextGen participant. He attended the Asia-Pacific Internet Governance Academy in Seoul, South Korea as a fellow, and is attending the 2019 Internet Governance Forum as part of the Internet Society’s Youth Ambassador Programme. Being an Irish, Australian and New Zealand citizen, Elliott feels at home all around the world and is spoilt for choice when it comes to Rugby teams!

Elena-Diana Mușat

Elena-Diana is a professional working in the e-government sector, focusing on the European digital policy. Regarding her educational background, she has studied Political Science for her BA degree (Security Studies programme), and International Relations for her MA degree (Development, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid programme). Diana strongly believes in the positive impact of technology and innovation in tackling global peace and development challenges.

Juliana Novaes

Law Student at the University of Lyon. Researcher in the law and technology field and digital rights activist. Currently Head of Projects of the Youth Observatory or Youth Special Internet Group. Fellow of the 2017 Youth@IGF Program organised by the Brazilian Steering Committee, of the 2018 Youth@IGF Program organised by the Internet Society and of the 2019 Youth IGF Summit. Co-organiser of the 2019 Youth LACIGF.

Ralph Rogobete

Ralph is a graduate of the University of Royal Holloway, University of London in the field of Politics and International Relations and holds a Masters degree in Europen Studies from KU Leuven. In the past, Ralph has worked for the Romanian Presidential Administration (internal politics), as well as for the British Embassy (press and public affairs). For the past approximately two years, he has been working for the GSMA (a global trading association which represents the telecommunications sector) in the regulatory and government affairs team. His key areas of policy specialisation are: data protection, privacy and child online safety. In his free time, Ralph enjoys playing basketball and the drums.


Pooya Teimoory

Pooya is a senior network engineer and researcher, currently working for Pars Online Telecommunications in Iran. Due to several years of background in the communications service providers industry, his main activities, experiences and responsibilities include IP/MPLS Network Design, Enterprise Network Solution Architecture, Network Automation and Software Defined Networking. Also, he is doing research studies on 5G and emerging technologies, with a focus on using SDN and NFV. He has good experiences in planning, policy making and process design and management. Pooya is a member of ICANN’s Middle East and Adjoining Countries Strategy Working Group and also, he has attended RIPE78 and RIPE79 meetings as a fellow.


Meri Baghdasaryan

Meri is a human rights lawyer from Armenia. She also served as a human rights junior expert for UNDP Armenia. Meri gained her LL.M degree in Human rights from the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary). She has been involved in the Internet governance (IG) ecosystem since 2016, focused on issues related to data protection, freedom of speech and youth participation in IG. Since 2017 Meri has been a member of Digital[x] working group of Cooperation and Development Network (CDN), working with youth from Eastern Europe on IG matters. Meri enjoys running half marathons, reading and baking.

Victor Calac

Victor Calac

Victor is employed at the USAID-funded Open Justice Project, as Junior Staff Attorney, providing legal expertise on procedural law for the development of an Integrated Case Management System (ICMS) for Moldova first-tier courts, courts of appeal and the Supreme Court of Justice. Additionally, he monitored the random case distribution process and advised the Ministry of Justice and the Superior Council of Magistracy on possible irregularities and manipulations of the ICMS. Victor is also involved in the non-profit organisation He does not hesitate to go on city break trips and enjoy delicious food. Victor strongly believes that humans should not do anything they wouldn't want to explain to their children. Victor hopes his Nissan Qasqhai will transform in Tesla Model 3 – he trusts technologies.

Grațiela Dumitrescu

Grațiela holds a bachelor degree in Public Administration and is soon to be a graduate in Communication and Human Resources from the National University of Political and Administrative Sciences from Bucharest. With over 12 years experience in NGOs, a small shift of career path happened, as now she works as a Project Assistant at the Cybercrime Programme Office, part of the Council of Europe, on a global cybercrime project. New interests were born during these past months working on this project, such as internet governance, cybersecurity and cybercrime, electronic evidence, artificial intelligence and the impact on the citizen, and generally, the impact of new technologies on the population. So, the Winter School is just the perfect place for starting a foundation of this new path. Hobbies: Sci-Fi books, swimming, anthropology studies, testing new gadgets.

Ioana Ghita

Ioana Ghiță

Ioana is currently enrolled in the master’s programme Security and Technology, at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, in Bucharest. After having graduated Law School, she worked for several years in the legal field, mainly in commercial and civil law. She recently graduated a master’s programme in development and international cooperation, and aims to research the social impact of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and challenges related to the use of new technologies. In her free time, Ioana enjoys climbing, running and eating Indian food

Christina Kalogeropoulou

Christina is an undergraduate student from Greece, passionate about the philosophy of technology, Internet governance, and digital ethics. She is currently finishing her studies in philosophy, whilst being a member of Homo Digitalis, the first digital rights civil society organisation in Greece, safeguarding human rights in the digital age. She was a NextGen Participant of ICANN63, and also a SEEDIG2019 Youth School Participant during its online phase. She likes travelling to cold places, B&W photography, French cinema, white owls, and wine, especially Malagouzia and Shiraz.

Alexandru Miron

Alexandru is a Governmental Affairs Manager at Johnson & Johnson Romania, where he works, since 2016, with various stakeholders to improve the healthcare sector in Romania. At the beginning of 2019, he was part of a secondment programme and worked with the Johnson & Johnson EMEA Government Affairs & Policy leadership team in Brussels on topics like European digital policies, value based healthcare, and European trade associations. He connects the business with the Romanian authorities, while actively contributing to several working groups of the industry and trade associations in Romania. He worked with Merck Sharp & Dohme Romania as Public Policy & Communication Specialist, being a member of the External Affairs team. Alexandru has been working for 10 years in the Government Affairs/Public Policy area. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Bucharest and a Master Degree in Public Policy and European Integration from National School of Political and Administrative Studies.

Neli Odishvili

Neli is an ICT project manager at the Internet Development Initiative, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to increasing the level of knowledge about issues such as cybersecurity, DNS, GDPR, IoT, media law, artificial intelligence, etc. She is an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Law in the University of Georgia. Neli is keen on Internet technologies and Internet governance. She believes that there is a bit of cyberspace in all of us, and exactly that became the inspiration for the creation of the newsletter ‘CyberStellar’.

Ilona Stadnik

Ilona is a PhD candidate at the School of International Relations, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. Also, she works as a coordinator of the youth project at CCTLD .RU/.РФ, and a curator at the Digital Watch observatory, Geneva Internet Platform. During the 2018-2019 academic year she was a Fulbright Visiting Researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, collaborating with the Internet Governance Project. She regularly speaks at major cybersecurity events such as the Internet Governance Forum, CyFy conference, and the European Dialogue on Internet Governance. Her research covers international cyber norm-making, Russia-US relations in cybersecurity, and global Internet governance.

Mariam Tsiklauri

Mariam is a 4th year student at the University of Georgia, Faculty of Law. She is interested in cybersecurity, Internet law, intellectual property law, DNS, GDPR, IoT, media law, Internet security and stability, artificial intelligence. She is a member of the NGO Internet Development Initiative, where she organises projects regarding the above spheres. Mariam participated in the EEDNS Forum 2019 in Yerevan. She aims to promote the development of standards of cyber sphere and Internet law in Georgia. She is taking her first steps in these fields. Mariam enjoys playing computer games, cooking and spending time with her parrots.

BogdanBanjac - Bogdan Banjac

Bogdan Banjac

Bogdan is a graduate of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and the Master Programme for Human Rights and Democratization at Yerevan State University and Tbilisi State University. He has been working as a legal associate since April 2014. Bogdan is currently employed by the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality in Serbia, where he works in the field of project management, cooperation on the national and international level, annual and special report preparation, data collection, research and analytics. Also, he is a member of the EQUINET (European Network of Equality Bodies) Working Group for Research and Data Collection.

Claudia Calavrezo

Claudia is a Domain Name and Compliance Manager at HP Inc., interested in Internet governance, the domains industry and DNS, living in Bucharest, Romania. She is a follower of ICANN and its policy making processes, and tries to attend meetings where possible, representing HP and the private sector. She studied Computer Science at Politehnica University, Bucharest and has a master’s degree in Online Marketing at the Academy of Business Studies. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures, gardening, and chasing her almost 3-year toddler while he runs on his balance bike.

Ahmed Farag

Ahmed Farag has more than 14 years' experience working at the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority in Egypt. He joined NTRA as ERP Application Consultant in 2005 and contributed to the business automation process for many departments. Ahmed holds a Bachelor Degree from the Faculty of Commerce, Ain-Shams University. Now, he is deeply involved in global and regional activities that related to Internet governance, WSIS and international cooperation, and coordinates the functions of the Arab IGF Secretariat. Ahmed is a member of ArabIGF Multistakeholder Program Advisory Committee (AMPAC) and its thematic working groups, workshops and fellowships working groups, enhancing workflow between the Arab IGF elements and its intersessional activities, also running the Arab IGF e-presence.

Rolla Hassan

Rolla is currently Senior Manager, Internet Policy Analysis in Telecom Services and Planning Sector at the Egyptian National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA). Rolla has been involved in many activities including the re-planning process of Digital Terrestrial TV in UHF band and digital switchover. She has also participated in many capacity development programmes, including the 5th edition of the Middle East and Adjoining Countries School on Internet Governance, and was fellow in ICANN66 Montreal. Rolla has 14 years of work experience, having worked in various functions within NTRA in the Operation & Monitoring Sector (2005-2007), Regulatory Affairs Sector (2007-2012), Spectrum Planning Sector (2012-2018) and Planning and Telecom Services Sector (Current). She holds an MSc degree in electronics and telecommunication Engineering from Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport Egypt. Rolla is currently working on her PhD in Management of Technology at Nile University.


Sarkhanbay Khuduyev

Sarkhanbay is Vice-Dean at the Academy of Public Administration in Azerbaijan. An Experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working both in the government and NGOs field. Skilled in analytical research, lecturer of political sciences and PhD student focused on conflict management and international relations. Professional in public administration, key dimensions of e-governance for sustainable development, also dealing with the full spectrum of student affairs including recruitment, admissions, student progress reviews, examinations, academic records and graduation.

Deborah Mucolli

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Cezara Panait

Cezara is enrolled in the LL.M. in Human Rights Programme at Central European University, taking place in both Budapest and Vienna campuses. Previously, she completed her LL.B. at the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. She is a member of the Association for Technology and Internet from Romania, where her main focus was related to content regulation and copyright. Her latest accomplishments include winning the Public Choice Award at Microsoft Hackathon for a policy proposal on AI & Ethics (Brussels) and being a grand finalist at Internet Generation Forum 2019 Student Competition (Budapest). Currently, her academic research focuses on AI & Human Rights. She wishes she had more free time to travel around the world.


Jelena Šuh

Jelena is a telecommunications engineer with experience in networking and education. She is working for Telekom Srbija, first as IP/MPLS Network Engineer and currently as Engineer for Technology Strategy. Also, she is a Cisco instructor at the Local Cisco Networking Academy. She received a Diploma (Dipl. Ing.) degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade and a PhD degree at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, University of Belgrade. She has published several articles related to computer networks and Internet and also is a coauthor of practicum for laboratory exercises and university textbook in the same field.

Livia Țurcanu

Livia has over six years of experience in the field of digital social innovation. She is passionate about technologies and their impact on different spheres such as education, public administration, and society. Livia is a graduate of the European Studies on Society, Science and Technology Master’s programme at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. After the graduation Livia joined the E-Governance Agency of Moldova and was responsible for coordinating the Open Data Initiative. Currently she is the president of Mediapoint NGO, an organisation that aims to innovate democratic processes by involving citizens and leveraging the technological potential.