REMARKS AND MESSAGES - from the previous edition, 2018

A fost un eveniment bine organizat, iar dizertațiile prezentate de distinșii invitați au fost la un nivel elevat ca format și conținut. A fost un eveniment cald și relaxant, iar tematicile de actualitate. Meritele revin în totalitate organizatorilor. Îmi mențin propunerea ca SNSPA să organizeze conferințe intinerante în orașele mari ale țării cu grupuri de conferențiari atât din zona SNSPA, cât și cea tehnologică- Universitatea Politehnica București- care au expertiză pe subiectul SMART CITY, iar invitații să fie decidenți din administrațiile locale. Ar fi un bun prilej de cunoaștere a preocupărilor macro-regionale, naționale și europene care ar putea fi integrate în programe multianuale ale administrațiilor cu prioritizare a caracteristicilor definitorii ale conceptului SMART CITY, astfel încât ansamblul măsurilor să conducă la o mai bună administrare a orașelor, dar și la beneficii pentru cetățeni. Vă felicit și vă doresc succes! - Dumitru Zamfir, ADREM, București, România

The 2018 SCC was well organised right from the onset till the last day. There were a number of interesting and insightful topics from each plenary session and the speakers were also amazing an don top of the issues they presented. Well done to the Organisers. - Ama Kissiwah Boateng, National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary

Thank you for your hospitality and scholarly conference where I am able to rediscover my self when it comes to smart cities and smart citizens. I Hope I will appear again next year with smart ideas and knowledge to be shared at the event. - Takele Bekele Bayu, National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary

The Smart Cities Conference in Bucharest, hosted by the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration is a unique event in and by itself. It brings together specialists and researchers from various fields and is a real laboratory for exchanging ideas and practices on the topical theme of "smart cities". It is a comprehensive dynamic project that accommodates experiences from many areas and I could not believe that my knowledge about the media, media regulation, democracy and human rights could also fit well within it.Carried out in the best tradition of free and open debate the Smart Cities conference will attract more and more contributions of scientists and practitioners from all backgrounds and generations and I trust it will grow more popular as a future oriented undertaking promoting the values of the smart environment in our life.- Dr. Bissera Zankova, president of Media 21 Foundation, Bulgaria.

A fost o conferinta foarte interesanta si ma bucur ca am putut participa. Schimbul de idei si experiente cu profesori si specialisti din numeroase tari si atat din mediul public, cat si din cel privat a fost principalul punct forte al conferintei. Va multumesc pentru oportunitatea de a prezenta si pentru feedback-ul primit in cadrul sectiunii din partea celorlalti participanti! - Cosmina Andreea Manea, Facultatea de Geografie, Universitatea din București, România

Smart cities was my first conference as a volunteer, and it meant a unique experience. I had the chance to meet new people who shared valuable information, and also I could have been in touch with different cultures of the world to see life in the big cities. The smart cities theme proposed by this conference helped me to understand this concept to actively participate in national Smart Cities developing process.I was also able to participate in discussions, exchanges of opinions on many aspects of smart cities, being an increasingly debated subject. Surely, if I have the chance, I will attend with the same enthusiasm next year. - Pascu Cristina Georgiana, Faculty of Public Administration, National UNiversity of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania

The Smart City Conference 2018 was well organized! Thank you very much for the great professionalism of the Conference organizers in doing very responsible job in gathering academicians and practitioners from all over the world in order to present and discuss highly important topics on smart city future developments. - Branko Dimeski - St. Kliment Ohridski University- Bitola, Faculty of Law- Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia.

The ideas collected were so interesting and I m waiting for the next one with great enthusiasm. I m preparing my next presentation for the next Smart Cities Conference in December 2019! Include me in your agenda! I was lucky to be a part of this event. Thank You! Kind regards, - Diana MOȘNEANU, PhD candidate, Corporate Governance-Administrative Science,SNAPA, Bucharest, Romania